How in God's name do I make the first move?


About Dateology

Dateology launched in February 2018.

It's a podcast—a voice for Christian, metropolitan dating.

On the show, we collect honest stories to find liberating wisdom for discovery and companionship.


About the Hosts


Candice Candelaria is a licensed marriage & family therapist, consultant, and speaker in the San Francisco Bay Area. Originally from Bakersfield, California, she studied Psychology at San Francisco State before earning a Master's in Marriage & Family from the University of Southern California.

Matt Barrios is minister at Reality San Francisco Church and received his M.A. in Spiritual Formation & Soul Care at Talbot Seminary—where he received extensive training in spiritual direction. He practices direction with Bold Stroll. He performs improv theater weekly in SF and plays improv piano every day at home in Oakland.



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